The Hot Kitchen

Served between 5 pm – 8:45 pm


Lobster bisque with a touch of Cognac
DKK 115


Grilled Norway lobster with lemon mayo
DKK 95


The Inn’s tapas board
DKK 115


Main Courses

English steak with mash and red wine glace
DKK 235


Wienerschnitzel with peas and gravy
DKK 195


The Inn’s chicken breast with garnish
DKK 165


For children under 12

French fries with remoulade
DKK 60


Fried fillet of plaice with french fries
DKK 105


Chicken nuggets with french fries
DKK 95


Desserts and Cheese

White chocolate cake with lemon mousse
DKK 75


Pancakes with softice and chocolate sauce
DKK 75


Cold buttermilk soup with fresh strawberries
DKK 65


3 kinds of cheese
DKK 95