The Hot Kitchen

Served between 5:30 pm – 8:45 pm


Creamy pumpkin soup with roasted tiger prawns and fresh herbs
DKK 105


Smoked ham from Skagen with puree of parsnips, smoked almonds and balsamic glaze
DKK 105


Main Courses

Wienerschnitzel from veal with peas, pommes sautées and gravy
DKK 215


Beef fillet steak with grilled leeks, french fries and bearnaise sauce
DKK 235


Baked salmon with saffron pickled pearl onions, roasted potatoes and mousseline sauce
DKK 225


For children under 12

French fries with remoulade
DKK 60


Fried fillet of plaice with french fries
DKK 105


Chicken nuggets with french fries
DKK 95



Rhubarb trifle with chocolate and fresh berries
DKK 85


Pear belle Hélène with vanilla ice cream and chocolate soil
DKK 95


2 Course Vegetarian Menu

Creamy pumpkin soup with crispy herbs and fresh herbs
Celery root fondant with grilled leeks, summer greens, roasted potatoes and mousseline sauce
DKK 320