Transport to Orø

Orø is closer than you think and with two ferries to the island it is easy and quick to take a detour from everyday civilization on the mainland. With less than a hour’s drive from Copenhagen you can stop at the Østre Færge (ferry) at Hammer Bakke from where ferries sail every 20 minutes and take you to the island in just 6 minutes.


Alternatively, you can drive to Holbæk from Copenhagen in 45 minutes and take the Orø-Holbæk ferry which gives you a nice 30 minute ride on the Isefjord before you reach Orø.


Østre Færge

Less than an hour from Copenhagen or 20 minutes from Holbæk you will find this unique cable ferry at Hammer Bakke. With only 6 minutes sailing time to Orø, this crossing is the fastest way to get to Orø from the mainland. There is free Wi-Fi on board. The ferry can also be booked for night departures by phone +45 424242 (night sailing must be booked before 10 pm).


The ferry sails every 20 minutes. Find specific sailing times and tariffs on the ferry’s website.


Østre Færge


Holbæk-Orø Ferry

With regular departures from the centrally located Holbæk Harbor, it is possible to take the car or bike easily to Orø. Enjoy the 30 minute boat trip on the Isefjord and feel the island calm subside over you. If you want to “surf” during the trip, the ferry also offers free Wi-Fi.


Find sailing times, operating information and tariffs on the Holbæk Ferry’s website.


Holbæk-Orø Færgen


4 Ferries

Take a tour all the way around the Isefjord. Buy a combined ticket for all four ferries, and travel at the tempo and by the means that suits you best. The 4 ferries are the following:


The Holbæk-Orø Ferry
Østre Færge
The Kulhuse-Sølager Ferry
The Hundested-Rørvig Ferry


Tickets are sold on all 4 ferries. One ticket will give you one trip on each of the 4 ferries. Tickets are valid from the 1st April to 30th September, but you do not need to use the ticket on one day. It is not neccessary to book seats on the ferries. Partly unused tickets will not be refunded. Read more here: www.4faerger.dk.


4 Færger