Lunch Menu

NB: If your are more than 7 persons, please pre-order



Pickled herring
DKK 65


Spicy pickled herring from Christiansø
DKK 95


Chicken salad
DKK 110


DKK 119


Beef tatare
DKK 125


Smoked eal with scrambled eggs
DKK 148


Fried fillet of plaice with remoulade
DKK 119


Fried fillet of plaice with shrimp and mayonnaise
DKK 139


Stjerneskud/”Meteor shower” with steamed and fried fillet of plaice
DKK 175


Cazpacho with herbs (Vegetarian)
DKK 85


Extra mature cheese with lard and rhum
DKK 95



Apple cake
DKK 59


Layer cake
DKK 59