Choose your own menu

Salted salmon with trout roe, cauliflower and almonds
DKK 105
Tomato salad with burrata, pesto and pine nuts
DKK 105
Ham with crunchy cheese, pickled tomatoes and bitter salads
DKK 105
Main courses
whole fried plaice with potatoes and butter sauce
DKK 235
Chicken Danoise with rhubarb compote, cucumber salad, potatoes and gravy
DKK 205
Roast beef with butter-steamed carrots, glazed pearl onions, potatoes, gravy and pickled cucumber
DKK 235,00
Beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes, potato croquette, roasted carrot, broccoli, asparagus and bordelaise sauce with smoked marrow
DKK 295
Gateau Marcel with chocolate sorbet and berries
DKK 105
Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce with orange and Grand Marnier
DKK 105
Apple trifle with macaroons, sherry, whipped cream and currant jelly
DKK 65
DKK 35
Layer cake
DKK 55
Number under 20 people is added DKK 45 per person
Number under 35 people is added DKK 35 per person
Last and binding number of persons must be announced 5 working days before the event