Lunch Card

Children under the age of 12: All dishes are also served in children’s size at half price

Served from 12pm-16pm


The Inn’s lunch offer

Herring platter, 3 kinds after the chef’s choice DKK 155

3 unspecified open sandwiches selected by the chef DKK 99



Open sandwiches

Pickled herring with onions and capers

DKK 69


Curry-apple herring with boiled egg and onions

DKK 69


Pickled spicy herring with pickled onions and sour cream

DKK 69


Pan-fried fillet of plaice with homemade remoulade and pickles

DKK 110


Steak tatare of beef inside round with raw egg yolk and cress

DKK 135


Roast beef with homemade remoulade, a fried egg, crispy onions and soft-fried onions

DKK 95


The Inn’s Stjerneskud/”Meteor shower” with fried and steamed fish, shrimp sand herb dressing

DKK 168


Beuf Paris – roasted minced beef of tatare with capers, onions, pickles a’ part and raw egg yolk

DKK 145


Hot dishes

Danish omelette with potatoes and home-smoked pepper bacon

DKK 110


Beef steak with pommes sautées, soft-fried onions and gravy

DKK 169


Ribeye steak with homemade fries and cold sauce bearnaise

DKK 175


Homemade hash with potatoes, beef, pickled beetroots, fried egg and cold sauce bearnaise

DKK 119


Deep-fried fillet of plaice with homemade fries, marinated herbs and capers mayonnaise

DKK 148



The Inn’s home smoked salmon with yogurt cream and crisps

DKK 118


Goat cheese baked on rye bread with crispy grains and chutney

DKK 105


Additional options

Sauce bearnaise

DKK 45


Homemade fries or pommes sautées

DKK 40


Capers mayonnaise – remoulade – cold sauce bearnaise

DKK 15


Homemade bread and churned butter

DKK 20


Desserts and cheese

Danish selected cheeses with pickled nuts, chutney and crisps

DKK 90


Blue cheese on roasted rye bread with raw egg yolk and cress

DKK 80


Apple pie with sour cream

DKK 56


Compote of red berries with cream and burnt meringue

DKK 75


Handmade petit fours

DKK 45


Biscuits with nuts and white chocolate

DKK 28-